Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter to Your Groom When You Marry

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Your wedding is a special time to reflect...

on where you've been, envision where you're going, and appreciate the one who will share your journey. Your GROOM means the world to you, which makes this occasion the perfect time to tell him so! Letter writing is fast becoming a lost art. That's a shame, because a thoughtfully written letter means so much to the loved one who receives it. With just a bit of reflection and planning, you can express your love to your groom, validate his worth in your life, and show him how much you look forward to your future together. He will be deeply moved by your gesture and will always cherish this loving memento that lasts longer than spoken words alone. This booklet has been created to help you compose a heartfelt letter to your groom. It's also a helpful tool to compose a wedding speech to groom, a wedding toast to groom, or a best man toast.

Distinctive features in this booklet:

72 positive descriptors that have been carefully selected as the most powerful and appropriate words, tips to help you come up with special memories, and a section for special circumstances such as if one of you was previously married. Just follow these five steps—Plan It!, Write It!, Package It!, Present It!, and Enhance It!—to enjoy the process and share the love.

Sample tips:

  • Keep your letters positive, loving, and truthful. Be genuine in your praise; write only what you mean. "I enjoy spending time with you" is better than "We've never disagreed."
  • Were you and your groom childhood sweethearts? Mention your earliest romantic memory of him; indicate that your marriage is the culmination of a longtime dream.

Here's what John and Tricia Carratello wrote:

Each of these well-developed booklets in your Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter line provides an outstanding guide for people to make the "once in a lifetime" moments in their lives even richer and more memorable. Your guides are professionally done, user friendly, and packed with good advice. Our company will be recommending these booklets to our clients, as well as to our families and friends.